The all-electric cabin cruiser Juva e/y 30 is designed for pure enjoyment. Silent, emission-free and user-friendly, it will redefine pleasure boating for good.

Fair winds and following seas,
Juva Yachts Team, Helsinki, Finland

Quick look

Hull length


Solar Roof

1,4 kW



Pentry & Toilet & Bathroom


Top Speed

12 knots

Cruise speed

6-10 knots


109+ NM

Battery capacity

46/70/93 kWh


What we felt was missing

Juva e/Y 30 is the up-to-date boating experience we ourselves would enjoy and felt was missing on the seven seas. Meet the crew and see why we feel confident we have created the most enjoyable boat in the world.

Oskari Juva


Made in HelSeanki

The Juva Yacht is designed in the naval yards area of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The main office is five minutes from both the main square of the capital and a uniquely rich archipelago of more than 300 islands in the Baltic Sea.

Get onboard

1. Reserve your place in line

Submit a refundable reservation fee of 500 euros. When we reach your place in line, we will contact you. Expected in December 2022.

2. Customize your boat

Together with us, customize your boat and submit the purchase order. If your situation has changed, you can cancel your reservation and we will return the reservation fee to you.

3. Be among the first to get it

Oh the joy. Expected in the fall of 2023.

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