What we felt was missing

Juva Yachts got started as the Founders wished to create an updated boating experience they themselves would enjoy. With each Founder’s own personal knowledge combined with decades of hull design experience inside the team, something extremely enjoyable and seaworthy was created. But who are these Founders and what did their “wishlist” look like?

Oskari Juva

Role: The tech guy

Boating experience: Professional seafarer and the owner of Juva Shipping naval company.

Wish list: Make the technology on a boat Tesla-smooth.

Favorite thing in Juva: The steering and navigation user interface makes driving and docking easy for everybody.

Arttu Mylläri

Role: The engineering and design wiz

Boating experience: Founder of R2 Marine; speciality in designing vessels for demanding official use.

Wish list: Why must boats always feel cramped?

Favorite thing in Juva: Free-flow space design between the aft deck and pilothouse. And the solar roof that charges both on course and docked!

Ville-Veikko Niskanen

Role: The user experience fanatic

Boating experience: Born a racing sailor.

Wish list: Bring the benefits of sailing to motor boating.

Favorite thing in Juva: All you hear is the sea – cheers!

Made in HelSeanki, the boating capital of the world

Boats per capita among the highest in the world,
Traficom 6/2019.